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Do I have an Alcohol and/or Drug dependency problem?
Ask yourself!
(printable questionnaire)
(Young people’s questionnaire follows)

  1. Have I ever been arrested or hospitalized after drinking alcohol and/or using drugs?
  2. Have I ever used more than I intended? Did I do it more than once…twice…three times?
  3. Have I ever made a resolution to control my use of alcohol and/or drugs? How did that work? Was I able to consistently control it?
  4. Have I ever quit on a voluntary basis?
  5. For how long did I stop? Did I stay stopped? What was I thinking or feeling just before I began using again?
  6. Have I ever been asked to quit or cut down? By spouse? By family member? By employer? By clients? By court? By attorney? By doctor? By therapist/counselor?
  7. Have I ever experienced lapses in memory (blackouts) while drinking  alcohol or using drugs
  8. Have I ever had an accident (car, falls, etc) after drinking or using drugs?
  9. Have I ever lost a job or a relationship related to use of alcohol or drugs?
  10. Have I ever been embarrassed by my behavior when drinking or using drugs?
  11. Do I ever hide my drinking or drug use from   anyone…significant other…doctor…employer…therapist?
  12. Do I ever drink alcohol in the morning?
  13. After drinking heavily the day before, have I ever began drinking the next day to feel better?
  14. Do I ever use alcohol or drugs to wake up, go to sleep, increase or decrease my  energy?
  15. Do I ever feel a need for alcohol or drugs to feel OK, especially in social situations?
  16. Have I ever hurt or threatened anyone when drinking alcohol or using drugs
  17. Do I ever have a strong physical or emotional craving for alcohol or drugs?
  18. Do I ever drink alcohol or use drugs alone?
  19. Does using alcohol or drugs ever interfere with the quality of any aspect of my life?
  20. Does my drinking or drug use ever make me unhappy or remorseful?

How Young People Can Tell if Drinking or Using Drugs is a Problem
(printable questionnaire)

  1. Do you lose time from school because of your using or drinking or drug use?
  2. Do you drink or use drugs to lose shyness and build up self-confidence?
  3. Is using or drinking or drug use affecting your reputation?
  4. Do you drink or use drugs to escape from study or home worries?
  5. Does it bother you if somebody says maybe you drink or use drugs too much?
  6. Do you have to use drugs or drink to go out on a date?
  7. Do you ever get into money trouble over buying alcoholic beverages or drugs?
  8. Have you lost friends since you started using drugs or drinking?
  9. Do you hang out now with a crowd where “stuff” is easy to get?
  10. Do your friends drink or use drugs less than you do?
  11. Do you drink or use drugs until the bottle/container is empty?
  12. Have you ever had a loss of memory from using drugs or drinking?
  13. Has drunk driving or being high ever put you into a hospital or jail?
  14. Do you get annoyed with classes or lectures on drinking or using drugs?
  15. Do you think you have a problem with alcohol or drugs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we suggest you have a discussion with an alcohol/drug specialist to determine the extent of the problem.

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