Centering Prayer Gathering

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This group meets once a month on a Saturday from 10:00AM-1:00PM PST. Please see schedule below for further details.

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The cost for each workshop is $25. To pay, please click on the workshop you would like to attend and complete the registration form.

This event is sponsored by Mary & Joseph Retreat Center. All fees go directly to the Center.


Herb Kaighan is a retired professional who has been on a spiritual path since his youth. He has been leading workshops & retreats for over 36 years and is a trained spiritual director. He has authored three books on spirituality & meditation.


If you have any problems registering or would like to contact the Center, please email Jose S. at: You can also reach Jose at (310) 377-4867 x250.

Spirituality Series
Build a relationship with God.

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Spirituality Series on Youtube

Honestly Ask Yourself…

Am I living life … or just doing time?
Am I living life as constant concern … or as flourishing freedom?
Am I living life as dismal mystery … or as an exciting journey?

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous were originally conceived as an antidote to alcoholism and have now been adopted to address all addictions. The AA co-founder, Bill Wilson, prophesized in the First Edition textbook “Alcoholics Anonymous”: our way of living may have its advantages for all.

Herb K, sober since 1984/awakened since 1988, has adapted and applied this Twelve Step process to the general human condition of “restless, irritable, and discontent.” He has successfully integrated his knowledge of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality with his experience of the 12 Step process to effect a radical change in an individual’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and especially personal behaviors.

The Mary & Joseph Retreat Center is sponsoring a series of topics that address our human journey for establishing and sustaining relationships: with Reality/reality, with our self, and with others.

You will learn, apply, and experience specific methods and tools for a radical personal change. The promises of this journey are: a gradual turning from a life of serial suffering, the deep darkness of despair and floundering to an experience of being turned to a life of constant contentment, the bright sunlight of hope and flourishing.

Herb’s journey includes: 7 years in Claretian seminary, a graduate education in psychology, 40 years in human resources consulting, certification as a Spiritual Director, 37 years of active participation in a 12 Step Fellowship and the publication of three books on spiritual awakening.

Practicing the Here and Now: Being Intentional with Step 11

This book provides very precise guidance on using prayer and meditation. It will help you improve consciousness each day, staying in contact with your Higher Power for ongoing inspiration and sustenance. By opening the connection to your Higher Power with what Herb K. calls “Intentional Consciousness,” prayer and meditation can help you fully experience the cumulative power of the Twelve Steps to deepen and sustain your recovery journey. Not only does it clearly explain the practice of meditation, it provides a unique lens to approach each Step for a new experience. Buy on Amazon.

Each workshop is 3 hours and includes PowerPoint illustrations. Additional support for your life’s journey are described throughout this site: workshops; events; books; recordings. Herb K. welcomes your contact.