Centering Prayer Gathering
Step Guide Monthly MEETING
We invite you to consider carrying the message.

Invitation to all Current and Past 12 Step Participants

We invite you to consider “carrying the message” by increasing your skills as a Step Guide. On April 5, 2021 we resumed our monthly call to support current Step Guides and those who might be interested in this form of service. It functions as a “train‐the‐trainer” mentor support group.

Many of you have benefited from having an individual Step Guide to accompany you on the year‐long Twelve Step journey. Now you may want to help a person one‐on‐one or a participant in one of the current workshops. This is not a requirement for attending this monthly Step Guide discussion. You may want to attend for your own personal growth.

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  • A request for inclusion on the Step Guide Zoom call list does not mean that your details will be distributed to anyone. This participant list is not used for those seeking to engage a Step Guide. It is not a commitment to become a Step Guide. The sole purpose of this gathering is for participants to share experience of helping others with their Step Assignments. The list is confidential.
  • It is an opportunity to ask questions and share experience, whether you are currently helping someone with Steps or thinking of doing so. Some people just choose to attend for their own personal growth. This includes sponsors who have participated in the weekly workshops and have questions associated with passing it on to others.
  • A major organic by‐product of the Step Guide discussion is one’s own personal development. Herb welcomes questions on the entire range of Twelve Step work and Sponsorship.
  • There are no rules: the only suggestion is that you yourself have completed the Twelve Step work (or at least are in process of completing Step Nine) and are considering helping others with their journey.
  • We do not take roll, and regular attendance is not required. Your experience, combined with your ‘Fellows’ in the Step Guide community, will create your support network.
  • The raison d’etre of the call is to support each Step Guide (those who are or those who are considering becoming), who in turn will support participant(s) in their individual or group 12 Step application efforts.

Our personal Spiritual awakening and growing knowledge of the Twelve Step process need never end. This Zoom call is a vehicle for you to continue your journey with experienced companions, enhancing your own life and strengthening your competency for sharing your experience with others.

The meeting will be recorded, edited and posted on this website to accommodate different time zones & schedules.

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Step Twelve: Helping Others and Enlarging Compassion
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Meeting Time & Dates

This group meets on the 1st Monday of the month from 11:00am to 12:30pm PST.

Zoom Registration

Attendance is free, but registration is required. Access codes will be provided once your register. Please click below to continue.



Herb Kaighan is a retired professional who has been on a spiritual path since his youth. He has been leading workshops & retreats for over 36 years and is a trained spiritual director. He has authored three books on spirituality & meditation.


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