Herb Kaighan Recognized by Share! with Susan Laufer Award for Outstanding Contribution to Support Group Awareness

(Culver City, CA – November 12, 2017)  Herb Kaighan was honored at the 2017 SHARE! Recovery Awards tonight with the Susan Laufer Award for Outstanding Contribution to Support Group Awareness.

The Susan Laufer Award recognizes Outstanding Contribution to Support Group Awareness. Susan Laufer was the founder, publisher and editor of Steps for Recovery, a newspaper serving the recovery community of Los Angeles.

“In 1996 Herb started a 12-Step Workshop in Palos Verdes, taking people through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous,” stated the SHARE! Award Program. “He helped them understand the meaning of each step as they worked them together. He has written three books about 12-Step Recovery to help people access the precise instructions in the Big Book. Herb sponsors people in the program, facilitates workshops, leads retreats, and runs telephone workshops for callers in Australia, the United Kingdom, and North America.  Herb’s work has evoked spiritual awakenings in thousands of people, carrying the message of the Big Book and the 12 Steps to those who still suffer.”

Herb Kaighan receives Susan Laufer Award. (Left to right) Jason Robison (Share), Herb Kaighan, Allen Berger, Brian D. Ulf (Share)

Among those attending to celebrate with Herb were his wife Mary Kaighan, daughter Kym Livesay, friends Ed Storti, Jerry and Ann McDonald, Suzy Herbert and Kristin Witzenburg, and friend and colleague Allen Berger, Ph.D., who provided an introduction before the award presentation.

SHARE! Founder and Executive Director Ruth Hollman said the organization placed 18 percent of all mental health consumers housed in Los Angeles in 2015 for the cost of housing less than two people by traditional methods. SHARE! Board President, Brian D. Ulf noted last year SHARE! was recognized nationally by the American Psychological Association as thought leaders for delivering programs to recovery and the homeless that are innovative, evidence based, impactful, cost effect, and all on a $2.3 million annual budget.

“Our primary purpose since our founding is to help the newcomer who still suffers,” said Hollman. “In 24 years we have never turned any one away.”

SHARE! hosts more than 140 weekly meetings with monthly attendance of over 5,000 people.
SHARE! Downtown are friendly, accessible and supportive centers where a large community of self-help groups meet each week, addressing all kinds of issues such as anger management, health, depression, self-esteem, relationships, childhood abuse, substance abuse, reaching goals, and many more. For more information call (877) SHARE-49 or write info@shareselfhelp.org

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