Author: Herb K.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

A Meditation

Begin with the end in mind. My end. My death.

All of us know individuals who have recently died and “were too young” or weren’t expecting to die. Yet they died anyway.

Every breath we take brings us closer to our final breath. We are like melting candles.

Every heart beat brings us closer to our last heart beat – our heart beat is like a drum beat in a funeral march.

Today our eyes glisten with light and life. Perhaps tomorrow they will be dark and empty sockets.

Now is the time to step off the treadmill of expectations (ours and theirs), and to walk up to the mountain top vista. Look at your life and the way you are living it – from the eyes of Wisdom; seeing reality as it really is; seeing yourself as you really are.

Someday each of us will die. It may be 40 years, or it may be 40 days. Inevitable!

Think about your death? Accept the reality and its finality? Think about its unpredictability and its inevitability?

Holy Spirit of Wisdom allow me to breathe in your Wisdom spirit, allow me to see my life with Wisdom’s eyes, grant me Wisdom’s discerning heart.

“The secret to life is to die before we die and realize there is no death.” Eckert Tolle

Herb K. was given the gift of freedom from alcohol February 21, 1984. As a result of the application of the Twelve Steps as contained precisely in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening in 1988. Since then he has been very involved in carrying the message of recovery through presentations, facilitating workshops, and leading retreats.

He has authored three books to help people access the instructions and confirm the actual process contained in the Big Book for experiencing a spiritual awakening: Practicing the Here and Now: Being Intentional with Step 11 (2017), Twelve-Step Guide to Using the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book (2004) and Twelve Steps to Spiritual Awakening: Enlightenment for Everyone (2010). His books are available on Amazon and other locations.