Outline your personal history: life events & behavior. Bullet point summary (without story or drama = just facts). Comment on the impact on you of others connected to you: your feelings & reactions.

  • Use of any substance addictions (alcohol; drugs; food), and/or any process addictions (control; sex; relationships; pornography; gambling, etc.); any consistent out of control experiences – yours or others?
  • Your physical hurts: abuse; accidents; disease/illness; hospitalization? Your feelings and reactions?
  • Experiences of mental illness (yours or others): depression; use of medication; therapy/treatment; institutionalization? Your feelings and reactions?
  • Your religious/spiritual exposure and experiences; your feeling and reactions?
  • Family (your parents, grandparents and theirs)
  • Schools
  • Church/Religious Tradition
  • Personal/Cultural/Environmental/Social practices?
  • Any trauma/death/sickness of others close to you? Your feelings and reactions?
  • Your work history and experiences: employers and co‐workers (consistency and satisfaction)?
  • Your relationship to money: earning; spending; saving; investment; debt?
  • Your personal habits: sleep patterns (quality/quantity); efforts/consistency at exercise; attitude/ behavior with food; how you play, relax, have fun; use of TV, Internet, social media; material that you read; vacations and time off; how do you entertain yourself?
  • Your sexual beliefs, preferences, patterns, habits, and actual behaviors?
  • Within the last 5 years: what is working in your life; what is not working?
  • What are the primary sources … of your current sufferings … of your current satisfactions?
  • What are you feeling guilty about? Shameful? Embarrassed? Disturbed? Dishonest?
  • What are your undisclosed or disclosed secrets that still create current discomfort?
  • Ask Yourself: How TRANSPARENT am I willing to be? How FREE do I want to be?