A 2024 Announcement from Herb K.

I’ll be 84 next July. I am in good health. However, I am very much aware that my energy, stamina, and
resilience have progressively decreased!

It is now time for me to free up my weekends. For over twenty years, I have facilitated regular workshops
on Saturday, and weekly workshops on Sunday. During two years of Covid, nearly every Saturday. The good news is that as a result, we have a very robust YouTube channel with a wonderful variety of playlist topics.

The other news is I need to honor my age and stage and reduce my commitments.

I continue to be guided by the principle I have used for discernment for many years: “the good may be the
enemy of the best”. I have decided:

– To stop facilitating the Sunday workshop (geared to UK time zone). Others can continue it if they want to
assume this responsibility.

– To convert the Wednesday weekly workshop by expanding eligibility to “any and all 12 Step Fellowships,” identical to my other weekly 12 Step workshops. However, the time zone constant will continue to be based on AU Thursday at 6:00am. Thus, the PST time (and other time zones) will change to reflect the constant AU Time changes during the year.

– The Tuesday and Thursday weekly 12 Step workshops will continue at their regular times and current
format – targeted for differing times zones.

All three workshops will begin again in the first week of June:

6/4 Tuesday at 7:00PM PST
6/5 Wednesday at 11:00AM PST (AU Thursday 6:00AM)
6/6 Thursday at 4:00PM PST

A wonderful library of resources has been established, including the “train the trainer” work through Step
Guide meetings, recordings, and the growing list of volunteers.

It is now time that more people in our international 12 Step community pick up the baton and grow in their capabilities of carrying the message individually and by facilitating their own regular/ periodic/ weekly
workshops. Many have already established wonderfully effective groups throughout various time zones.

I intend to continue my personal 12 Step “ministry” of helping people understand, navigate, apply, and experience our 12 Step awakening process. Each year, I will continue to evaluate what that will look like –
to realistically embrace my age, stage, and competency.

Please continue to embrace the Set Aside attitude and prayer while discerning what is your personal invitation to help others reduce their suffering through the 12 Step AWAKENING process as contained in
the book Alcoholics Anonymous.

Herb K.

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