Our TRUE Essence!

Twelve Step Process to Identify and Restore Our Optimal Human Nature: Our TRUE ESSENCE!

There is a precise formula for taking actions that create an experience of gradual awakening to, and daily sustaining of, being conscious and compassionate … our optimal state of being fully human.

This is a rigorous path that promises personal awakening to radical freedom and authentic happiness. The journey is practical and simple but not easy. This recipe is extremely effective, developing attitudes and actions that produce a life that flourishes:

  • 1. Admit/concede ineffective personal power = POWERLESSNESS/NO CHOICE: experience defeat.
    ADDICTION = my bondage of substance and/or process: Body (allergy); Mind (obsession)
    UNMANAGEABILITY = my bondage of self‐will/willfulness: Will (root defect/human malady)
  • 2. Decide about Power = my free will CHOICE ‐ my concept of Power: my willingness to believe.
  • 3. Decide for relationship with caring Power = my free will CHOICE: my commitment to action.
  • 4. Naming obstacles to my relationships with self/Power: root cause of behavior of willfulness.
  • 5. Removing obstacles to my relationships; revealing my beliefs, motives, behavior and secrets.
  • 6. Naming obstacles revealed through my behavior: willingness to change and to be changed.
  • 7. Removing obstacles through intention to be changed and to be accountable for my behavior.
  • 8. Naming obstacles: negative impact of my actions; willingness to change and to repair damage.
  • 9. Removing obstacles by changing my behavior and repairing damage I caused to others.

  • 10. Naming/removing my daily “disturbances” with “on‐the‐spot” actions … practicing conscience.

  • 11. Improving my daily “guidance”: inventory (PM); meditation (AM) … practicing consciousness.

  • 12. Enlarging my daily life: using principles … for my living & helping … practicing compassion.