Listen to Sessions of Herb K’s “Big Book” Workshop

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Below are recorded sessions of Herb K.’s year-long workshop. You can use these as a self-directed study of his workshop, to fill in on classes you missed, to hear again the topics discussed in class, etc. To listen on this page click on the arrow on the media player. The recording will begin – check your volume on your computer or device. To download the mp3 file to your media player, click on the word download. This will take you to a new web page showing the mp3 file. How your browser, device or computer downloads files may vary. There may be three dots to the right, and if you hover over with your mouse, a message to download the file may appear. Please use your own resources to determine how best to download the audio files.

The recordings are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. to indicate the session order. For example 1) Intro to Workshop indicates what you would hear in week one of the year-long Herb K. workshop. These sessions have been recorded for your convenience and may vary slightly in content and order as an actual in-person or on-the-telephone workshop.

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