Emotional Sobriety:
The Conversation Continues.

Who should attend?
ALL who are interested in improving their life; especially those in any 12 Step Fellowship.

In these four hour workshops, Dr. Berger and Herb K. will share their understanding and experience to help us achieve and sustain emotional growth. This powerful experience will give both the long timer and the newcomer an opportunity to look at the 12 Step process from a fresh perspective. The 12 Steps produce a radical change in the way we think, feel and behave. They also create a template for continued progress in emotional health. They empower us … to discover and recover our true self, to live with balance and JOY, to empower us to be the determining force in our own lives.

The cost for each workshop is $45. 

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This library of tools will support your journey … the rite of passage to adulthood … the freedom of conscious living based on immutable principles of reality.

Allen Berger, PhD, Clinical Psychology
(Clean and sober since 1971)
Dr. Berger will discuss mental health concepts like emotional dependency, self-esteem, independence, interdependence and manifesting our true self.

Herb Kaighan, Spiritual Director 
(Sober since 1984)
Through working the 12 Steps as contained in the Big Book, Herb experienced a profound spiritual awakening. He will discuss the impact of the Process & Principles for walking this path, practicing emotional sobriety to develop emotional maturity and a practice of daily intentional consciousness.