Helping people get on and stay on a Spiritual path.

Herb K. was given the gift of freedom from alcohol February 21, 1984. As a result of the application of the 12 Steps as contained precisely in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening in 1988. Since then, he has been very involved in carrying the message of recovery, as well as how to sustain, improve and enlarge our awakening.

This website contains an abundance of resources that shine light on the 12 Step path to personal freedom, from bondage of addiction and from bondage of self. Each of us has an invitation to walk our journey of unique growth and development, in pursuit of happiness.

Herb K. workshops are taking place on Zoom for the foreseeable future. Click on the workshop to the right that you would like to attend, or peruse the full calendar below for Herb K.’s upcoming events. Registration is required for most events.