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Design for Living:
LIVING In the Light ~ Steps 10, 11, & 12

A DESIGN FOR LIVING Steps 10, 11 & 12 is our focus today. To discuss and explore the application of these Steps in our daily lives. These are practical tools and suggestions that can open our hearts and minds to refresh our approach to living our life! Our suffering is the “great persuader” – our GRIEF, CODEPENDENCY, ANXIETY, OVERWHELM … when these crop up what can we do? Is what you are doing not working? Does your daily program need support?

This workshop will explore Steps 10, 11 & 12, discussing the purpose of each Step as the effective means of supporting our AWAKENING. We will unpack the practical use of these 3 Steps in fostering our own personal Transformation, sustaining emotional balance and spiritual vitality. The path of improving consciousness & enlarging compassion produces optimal living. When we have a meaningful connection beyond ourselves and live a life of helping others – we find personal happiness and a life of purpose. We will discuss emotional balance and spiritual maturity as our WAY of LIVING! Steps 10,11 & 12.

Jo has been an active participant in a 12 Step Fellowship for over 25 years and leading recovery based workshops for many years. She is a teacher, mother & wife with background in psychology and recovery coaching. Jo began developing teaching material with Herb K in 2007. www.bigbookworkshop.com

Herb Kaighan, Spiritual Director 
(Sober since 1984)
Through working the 12 Steps as contained in the Big Book, Herb experienced a profound spiritual awakening. He will discuss the impact of the Process & Principles for walking this path, practicing emotional sobriety to develop emotional maturity and a practice of daily intentional consciousness.

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