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OA Spanish:
Step 12 – Sponsorship & Practicing Principles

Spanish-speaking persons in any 12-Step Fellowship who are interested in a Spiritual Awakening! Through a precise personal application of all Twelve Steps in the textbook Alcoholics Anonymous, attendees will experience the process for radical change in the way they think, feel and behave. Participants will identify their sources of serial suffering and chronic unhappiness. These workshops reveal resources and tools for healing and a life that flourishes. Each person has the opportunity to learn and practice skills which establish and foster a sense of well-being and joy. This 12 Step process promises enlightenment for all who embrace and incorporate this Way of Life.

The Way of Life document Herb K. uses to support the 12 Step process has been translated into Spanish. Also, the monthly workshops recorded on Zoom are in English and Spanish with PowerPoint slides in Spanish.

Herb Kaighan, Spiritual Director (Sober since 1984): Through working the 12 Steps as contained in the Big Book, Herb experienced a profound spiritual awakening. He will discuss the impact of the Process & Principles for walking this path, practicing emotional sobriety to develop emotional maturity and a practice of daily intentional consciousness.

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This workshop meets once a month on a Saturday from 9:00am to 11:00am PST.

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