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Spirituality Series:
Forgiveness: A Process

The Mary & Joseph Retreat Center is sponsoring this series of topics that address our human journey for establishing and sustaining relationships: with Reality/reality, with our self, and with others. 

Fred & Herb will share their separate knowledge and experience of Secular and Spiritual ingredients! Bill Wilson (co-founder of AA) discusses forgiveness – he calls it “letting go of resentment”. It’s not done to please others, but in the interest of FREEDOM – theirs and ours. A life which includes deep resentment leads only to futility and unhappiness.

Learn about the process of forgiveness, what it is and what it is not, how to forgive them and ourselves – the practical approach to the process. Workshop will focus on positive intention, unenforceable rules, and decision & action as tools for self-forgiveness process.

This will be a practical WORK-shop. Bring your questions, prepare to confront your unwillingness and to respond to your willingness. Together we’ll share our experience and dialogue about being delivered to FREEDOM by bringing HEALING to others.

Workshop Resources

Fred Luskin, PhD is the director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects, a senior consultant in health promotion at Stanford University, and a professor at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, as well as an affiliate faculty member of the Greater Good Science Center. He is the author of “Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness” and also “Stress Free for Good: Ten Proven Life Skills for Health and Happiness”, with Kenneth Pelletier, PhD. Learn more at www.learningtoforgive.com.

Herb Kaighan, Spiritual Director 
(Sober since 1984)
Through working the 12 Steps as contained in the Big Book, Herb experienced a profound spiritual awakening. He will discuss the impact of the Process & Principles for walking this path, practicing emotional sobriety to develop emotional maturity and a practice of daily intentional consciousness.

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