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2023 Sunday Big Book
12 Step Weekly Workshop

The Sunday workshop is open to all who are interesting in a … Spiritual Awakening!

Through a precise personal application of all Twelve Steps in the textbook Alcoholics Anonymous, attendees will experience the process for radical change in the way they think, feel and behave. Participants will identify their sources of serial suffering and chronic unhappiness. These workshops reveal resources and tools for healing and a life that flourishes. Each person has the opportunity to learn and practice skills which establish and foster a sense of well-being and joy. This 12 Step process promises enlightenment for all who embrace and incorporate this Way of Life.

Pray each day: “Set Aside” prior knowledge and experience.
Complete the reading assignment each week.
Listen each week to the pre-recorded workshop commentary for each Step.
Write each week for personal reflection, knowledge and deeper experience.
Attend each week to ask questions, discuss assignments and share experiences.
Have an unmarked Big Book, a binder for support material, paper and a pen.

These essential resources support each individual’s precise application of the 12 Steps to their personal life:

Way of Life Document (PDF) – New for January 2023! Download this 66-page resource and place it in a binder. It provides graphics, worksheets, and commentary to support the work for each Step.
Workshop Assignments (PDF) – This document confirms the specific directions for understanding and the application of the instructions for working each Step as contained in the Big Book.
Participation Agreement (PDF) – Each participant in the weekly workshop is asked to read and consent to this document upon registration. It confirms an understanding and acknowledgement of the commitment and potential difficulties of this experience.
“Unpacking the Big Book” 2021 Recorded Series (Youtube) – Missed a workshop or looking for a supplement? This is a free tool you can use to support your recovery. Click here to access the Playlist and don’t forget to subscribe!

2020 Big Book Workshop on Soundcloud
Each weekly workshop is recorded. An edited copy is available here for those who were not able to attend the actual meeting. This is a complete set of recordings from a previous year-long workshop (52 recordings in total) to supplement this year’s teachings. Many find it helpful to listen to them: after completing the current week’s assignments, prior to and as preparation for each current workshop, or, after the workshop, to supplement the discussion at the workshop.

Herb Kaighan, Spiritual Director (Sober since 1984): Through working the 12 Steps as contained in the Big Book, Herb experienced a profound spiritual awakening. He will discuss the impact of the Process & Principles for walking this path, practicing emotional sobriety to develop emotional maturity and a practice of daily intentional consciousness.

Upcoming Events
This group meets regularly on Sundays for six months, starting in July and ending in December.

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